Catbridge builds innovative, highly-productive paper converting machinery that significantly increases throughput and roll quality. Furthermore, durable construction and the latest safety technologies ensure that our slitter rewinders and unwinds safely and reliably handle your paper application, whether it’s tissue, toweling, coated and uncoated papers, laminations, label stock or paperboard. Our paper converting machinery includes two-drum surface winders, center winders, turret winders, duplex winders, and unwind stands. We build models for 20" to 220" (508 - 5580 mm) web widths and small- to mill-size roll diameters.

Unique features and advanced technologies set Catbridge machines apart. Our地面绕线机例如,提供专利刀具放置系统,大大减少设置时间,显著提高切割精度、一致性和可重复性;一个双弯辊系统,优化网络控制和稳定的张力均匀的狭缝分离,即使在狭窄的削减;一个精确,直观的控制系统与远程支持;以及最先进的综合安全系统,配有安全PLC和从传感器到围栏等设备。机器,如m88备用网址Model 215also offer web threading and laser core-placement assists, core stop presets, and a streamlined finished-roll discharge process. Our unique new shaftless winding technology allows running even narrow webs on wide machines with quick set-ups and no compromise to operating speed.

While our surface winders are primarily for large rewind diameters of 50” to 84” (1270 – 2140 mm), we also build high-performance slitter rewinders for small- and medium-sized finished rolls. Different models of center winders, such as theModel 900,适用于各种特殊纸张应用。塔式绕线机,如模型324work well for applications such as butcher paper and counter rolls. Additionally, we build a variety of robust unwinds for paper, including s无轴地板捡拾器展开.

For optimal performance, we have developed features for specific materials and processes. For coated papers and thick products for instance, we offer specialized web paths that respect bending radius concerns and minimize dust creation. Or to effectively rewind large rolls, for example, we have designed heavy-duty hydraulic systems and j-table unloaders that can operate in unison to minimize downtime between sets. To improve your operations and meet your exact requirements, we tailor each machine to your individual needs.



+Single Shaft Slitter Rewinders

+Unwind Stands




+Continuous Winders


+Salvage Winders

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